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Domain Reseller Pricing

Domain Ext. Bronze Reseller Silver Reseller Gold Reseller
Activation Fee ₦15,000 ₦30,000 ₦50,000
.ng ₦9,500 ₦9,000 ₦8,400
.com ₦4,275 ₦4,050 ₦3,850 ₦1,140 ₦1,080 ₦1,000
.org ₦5,200 ₦5,100 ₦5,000 ₦1,140 ₦1,080 ₦1,000
.net ₦4,600 ₦4,500 ₦4,300 ₦1,140 ₦1,080 ₦1,000
.co ₦9,450 ₦9,400 ₦9,350 ₦380 ₦360 ₦350 ₦1,235 ₦1,170 ₦1,100
.blog ₦11,210 ₦10,620 ₦10,500
.biz ₦4,227 ₦4,005 ₦3,560
.ngo ₦9,975 ₦9,450 ₦8,400 ₦9,500 ₦9,000 ₦8,000
.shop ₦14,725 ₦13,950 ₦12,400 ₦1,140 ₦1,080 ₦1,000
.fm ₦40,850 ₦38,700 ₦34,400
.tv ₦11,590 ₦10,980 ₦9,760
.website ₦7,790 ₦7,380 ₦6,560 ₦8,550 ₦8,100 ₦8,000
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Reseller Hosting Pricing

Hosting Packages Bronze Reseller Silver Reseller Gold Reseller
Activation Fee ₦15,000 ₦30,000 ₦50,000
Micro ₦2,850 ₦2,700 ₦2,400
Business ₦4,750 ₦4,500 ₦4,000
Deluxe ₦6,745 ₦4,500 ₦5,680
Premium ₦8,645 ₦8,190 ₦7,280
Corporate ₦12,445 ₦11,790 ₦10,480
Corporate Plus ₦17,195 ₦16,290 ₦14,480
Platinum ₦20,140 ₦19,080 ₦16,960
Platinum Extra ₦22,040 ₦20,880 ₦18,560
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Web Hosting

Resell fast and secure web hosting that offers the performance your clients require. Fully scalable so that you can react to individual demands and spikes in traffic in seconds.

Email Forwarding

Email Forwarding service allows you to create personalized email addresses for a domain and forward emails to other email addresses of your choice.

Site-lock Seal

Users trust websites with a Site Seal to handle their data. The Site Seal is proven to be the most well-recognized symbol for online security, and will increase your customer satisfaction.

Privacy Protect

Keep your information private on WHOIS. Get Full Domain Privacy & Protection to protect your information and deter domain hackers online.


Whether it's Dedicated or Virtual private servers, we have your server options covered.


Offer data security products to secure & encrypt passwords, credit card and identification information.

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